TOFF & ZÜRPEL Manufaktur

We are Marie & Markus. Some years ago, we met on the “Camino del Norte” in Spain, which is part of the Camino de Santiago. Since then, we have walked through life together.

Our biggest passion is travelling. We love to make pilgrimages and enjoy nature and food to its fullest. On our many travels, we encountered other countries, their cultures, and their people and thus eventually the beeswax wraps. Since then, we couldn’t imagine living without them. They took on an essential role in our kitchen and on our continued travels. By the autumn of 2017, we opened our workshop in Dresden.
For us, sustainability is the main goal in our whole production process.
Beyond the high-quality materials we use, our products stand out because of our attention to detail and design.

Our Label “TOFF & ZÜRPEL”

“Toff” A loan from the Yiddish word טובֿ (YIVO: tov) which translates to “good, beautiful…”

Zürpel” Derives from a German dialect spoken in Rhine Hesse, a region in the German federal state of Rhineland-Palatinate; and is colloquial speech for “crease”

Toff & Zürpel …are also the guards of the beehive in the cartoon “Maya, the Honeybee” from the 70ies and 80ies.