TOFF & ZÜRPEL Manufaktur

We are Marie & Markus. A few years ago we met on the Camino del Norte in Spain. Since then we have been going our way together.

Our great passion is traveling. We love to make a pilgrimage, to experience nature and to enjoy good food. Wherever we discovered new countries, foreign cultures and people, there we met beeswax wraps. From then on, we could no longer imagine our kitchen and our excursions without them and began to found our manufactory in Dresden in autumn 2017.

In our manufactory, sustainability is the top priority in all production. The high demands on the quality of our products and the design characterize us as well as the attention to detail that goes into every product.

Our label TOFF & ZÜRPEL® Manufaktur

Borrowed from Yiddish טובֿ (YIVO: tov) and translates as “good, beautiful, …”

Comes from Rheinhessen and means colloquially “crease”

Toff & Zürpel
… are also the guardians of the beehive
from the comic series Maya the Bee
from the 70s & 80s


Find out more about our organic raw materials for our beeswax cloths.