Our team in the root plant community garden
Josi team
josi sign

Rethinking, breaking new ground, developing ideas … Josi feels in her element.
She supports us in the areas of social media, marketing and shipping, with research, inquiries and text processing. She finds fighters like Frida Kahlo or Greta Thunberg inspiring.

Jordan team
Jordan sign

Jordan values the simple and real things that are handmade. He also likes knitting. He can relax best in cozy domesticity. He has five aquariums and lots of house plants.

elisa team
elisa sign

Elisa loves compelling thrillers and upbeat music. She can sing along to almost every song on the radio. She prefers yoga over kickboxing and finds her flow in peaceful activities like reading or folding our freshly waxed beeswax wraps.

Mathias seals
Mathias sign

The joy of the team and the morning caffeine kick give Mathias the necessary momentum. He likes tricky jobs like sealing and the best way to relax is on his bike when he pedals properly.

Steffi in nature
Stephie sign

Stephie is a sporty team player who cheers up all our mornings in the workshop. She really enjoys rock climbing and dancing. She loves the heartfelt atmosphere at TOFF & ZÜRPEL, the team spirit and that she can completely support the product.