hot water bottle holder


Inkl. MwSt.

With our hot-water bottle holder you can keep the healthy warmth on your body and you can move freely with your hot-water bottle! It is suitable for all common hot water bottles and the long carrying strap allows you to carry it very comfortably and can be individually adjusted and used – whether e.g. B. on the stomach, back or on your shoulder.

Made from fabric leftovers from our manufactory. Handmade from 100% organic cotton, washable at 40°C.

    Seifenschale aus Keramik

In our manufactory, sustainability is the top priority for the entire production, which is why we do not dispose of any leftovers! …our beautiful organic cotton fabrics from our beeswax cloths are woven for us in a small weaving mill in Germany. Unfortunately, there are always “leftovers” during production. We also have these delivered to us and process them into beautiful upcycling products.
We also recycle our own offcuts from our beeswax cloths and use them to make our natural firelighters .

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