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The nutty chocolate organic espresso from Café Chavalo has a long journey across the Atlantic on a cargo ship when it comes to Leipzig from Central America. Unusual but effective, because around 90% less Co2 is released than when transported with container ships that run on heavy fuel oil.

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GTIN: 4260462924061
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Organic sailing espresso – finally a good espresso that saves CO2 and comes to your home by cargo ship across the Atlantic. As a result, 90% fewer pollutants are released than with conventional container shipping. It takes more than half a year from Nicaragua, where the beans grow, to Leipzig, where they are roasted. But it’s worth it, because the heavy oil used to operate the container ships contains a vast amount of air pollutants such as sulfur oxides, particulate matter, nitrogen oxides and soot. The freighter Avontuur, built in 1920, which brings the raw beans for Café Chavalo from Nicaragua to Germany, is a symbol of low-emission transport despite the long distances between the production site and the place of distribution.

Although the crossing is climate-friendly, the cultivation, roasting and packaging of the coffee produces CO2 emissions that cannot be avoided. They are therefore compensated with the help of a climate protection project in Nicaragua.

The beans for the organic sail espresso are grown by the Tierra Nueva cooperative association, which 250 smallholders have joined together to market their harvest and improve living conditions in the countryside. At an altitude of between 700 and 1200 meters, they cultivate coffee and turmeric on small plots in mixed cultures, among other things. This organic sailing espresso from fair, ecological and sustainable agriculture therefore sails directly into our delicatessen hearts. The long-term roasting also gives the organic sailing espresso a nutty-chocolate aroma.

By the way: Due to the stronger taste of an espresso, there is a misconception that it contains more caffeine than a cup of coffee. In fact, however, an espresso contains only half as much caffeine. This is due to the longer roasting that the espresso beans are subjected to. It is true that the concentration of caffeine in espresso is higher as a cup of espresso typically contains 25ml to 30ml while a cup of coffee contains 125ml.

Product Details:

  • Origin: Boaco, Nicaragua
  • Content : 250g (whole beans)
  • Cultivation height: 700 – 1200 meters
  • Variety: Arabica (Bourbon, Caturra etc.)
  • Flavor: nut, chocolate
  • Degree of roast : city roast
  • Types of preparation: espresso maker, portafilter


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