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Linden honey in organic quality from Ronny Kern’s Bioland beekeeping in Saxony. Lime honey is a deliciously sweet type of honey with a fruity taste. It has a fresh aroma with a refreshing herbal note. In addition Lime honey has antibacterial, antioxidant properties and has a warming and calming effect.

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Teelichter aus Bienenwachs

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Hand-poured, regional beeswax tealights made from 100% pure beeswax from Germany. Sustainably produced without chemicals, color additives or fragrance additives. Enjoy the bright light of the beeswax tea lights - they burn down slower and more pleasantly than conventional tea lights!

Beeswax tea lights - 10 pieces

GTIN: 4260523310512
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Linden honey in organic quality from Ronny Kern’s Bioland beekeeping in Saxony.

Lime honey is a deliciously sweet type of honey with a fruity taste. Linden honey is greenish-yellow in color and has a warming effect. It has a long-lasting taste and a fresh aroma with a refreshing herbal note – a pleasantly subtle hint of mint. In addition Lime honey antibacterial and antioxidant properties and soothes.

The Bioland beekeeper Ronny Kern relies on regionality in every respect and thus on a sustainable, ecologically sensible production of lime honey that is as pure and residue-free as possible. In addition to the plants that the bees fly to, the type of beekeeping plays an important role in ecologically managed beekeeping. Ronny Kern tries to work with the bees according to their nature and, if possible, to allow natural behavior and integrate it into the business.
The bees are not only at his house in Steinsdorf in the eastern Thuringian Vogtland, but also at other beekeeping sites between the Weida and Weißer Elster rivers. The right choice of location for his linden honey is very important to him – both flora and bees benefit each other! While millions of flowers are pollinated by the bees, they receive precious nectar and pollen in return. Set up in small groups, the wooden bee dwellings blend in nicely with the landscape and villages of the area. When setting up, he makes sure to choose places that are as unaffected by intensive agriculture as possible (orchards, forest clearings, edges of river meadows, but also inner-city locations). This provides the bees with a rich, unencumbered and continuous supply of pollen and nectar. And the linden honey produced is also as unaffected as possible by agrochemicals and pollutants.

Product benefits at a glance:

  • Linden honey 500g
  • Regional from Saxony
  • Organic quality: Organic beekeeping Ronny Kern
  • From natural beekeeping
  • Creamy, spreadable consistency
  • Sweet, fruity taste
  • Antibacterial and antioxidant properties

Scope of delivery: A jar with 500g linden honey

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