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Our DIY beeswax wraps set – for you, your friends or for “waxing” together with the whole family!
It includes an unwaxed organic cotton cloth in size Large (42 x 36 cm), our DIY wax mixture (made from organic beeswax, pine resin & organic coconut oil) and our solid household soap for the subsequent cleaning of your homemade cloths as well as our soap holder for the storage or drying of your soap.

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Perfect supplement - also for saving! ;-)

Pooling scrub

Porling peeling natural soap

Handmade natural soap made from organic olive oil, organic coconut oil, organic beeswax and birch polypore.

Our Porling peeling soap, with its very special and high-quality raw materials and an overfatting of 16% (after a 6-week maturing period), is extremely skin-friendly and moisturizing as well as intensively caring! It is also particularly suitable for sensitive skin or very stressed gardeners: inside hands. And the small pieces of birch polypore create a pleasant peeling effect, which increases the cleaning power of our soap.

Handmade Exfoliating Soap - 50g ℮

GTIN: 4260616890174
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Making beeswax wraps yourself is not only super sustainable, but also a lot of fun! To make sure that you have the right raw materials (such as good beeswax!) and the required wax mixture for your beeswax wraps, we have put together DIY sets for you.

There are now a number of instructions for “DIY beeswax wraps”. We wrote our own – without baking paper, iron or brush! You can find the detailed instructions in our blog article ” DIY instructions for beeswax wraps “.

Your beeswax wraps are ready to use again in no time after cleaning with our handmade natural soap (made from organic olive oil, organic beeswax, pine resin and organic coconut oil), which we have developed especially for beeswax wraps! With it you can clean your beeswax wraps very gently & extend their lifespan!

Your soap can dry quickly and well on our soap holder made of waterproof “vinegar wood” and with a very small contact surface. Thanks to the practical plug-in system, the soap holder is not only easy to pack but also super easy to clean!

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