DIY repair wax for beeswax wrap


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With our DIY repair wax you can easily freshen up your used beeswax wraps yourself!

Made from organic beeswax, pine resin from traditional bad luck & fair trade organic coconut oil.
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With good care, our beeswax wraps will last for one to two years. Regular use of a beeswax wrap (and the associated slight abrasion of the wax coating) or incorrect cleaning can cause the beeswax wrap to wear off a little or to lose its “adhesion”.

In this case you don’t have to throw away your used beeswax wrap, compost it or use it as a fire lighter, you can easily wax it yourself with our DIY repair wax made from our special mixture of organic beeswax, pine resin & organic coconut oil!

With our repair wax (40g) you can freshen up about 3 of our beeswax wraps “Large” (42 x 36 cm).

You can find detailed instructions here .