Set of 2 Medium Beeswax Wraps


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Size: 28×24 cm

Our beeswax wraps size “Medium” are perfect for wrapping cheese, and there is nothing better than fresh cheese, is there? …you can also use them for smaller bowls, herbs and sandwiches, as well as for nuts. This set is the perfect companion for all outside endeavours.

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Beeswax wraps are water-repellent, flexible and stick to all surfaces when you warm them with your hands. Cover your food containers with beeswax wraps, store cut fruit and vegetables properly, wrap greens, lettuce and fresh herbs, or cheese, bread, and sandwiches. Do not use for fish or raw meat!

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You can re-use your beeswax wraps immediately after cleaning them with our handmade natural soap, which we have developed specifically for this purpose.

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