“Anne Goldammer” beeswax wrap


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Size of the beeswax wrap: 42×36 cm

we donate 2 € per beeswax wrap “ Anne Goldammer “To the non-profit organization” Boot gGmbH “for the project” Psychosocial Center Dresden “, which is a special facility to support mentally stressed people with refugee and migration experience.

Our beeswax cloth in the size “Large” is our all-rounder and favorite – perfect for 500g bread, salads, large plates and bowls as well as food on the go.

    Seifenschale aus Keramik
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About Anne Goldammer : Anne works together with her colleagues in the design studio “Horizont & Sphäre” on the vision of a sustainable world without waste. With unconventional ideas, they rethink products and packaging in line with the concept of the Circular Society together with their customers.


Made from organic cotton (woven in Germany), regional organic beeswax, pine resin from a traditional pitcher & fair trade organic coconut oil. Find out more about our selected raw materials .

The beeswax wrap is the practical, natural & reusable packaging for your food. It replaces aluminum & cling film, plastic & paper packaging and bulky lunch boxes – in the fridge or freezer, at home or on the go! It is water repellent, flexible & adheres to itself & other surfaces with the warmth of your hands. Cover vessels & plates with the cloth, snuggle it up to cut fruit & vegetables, wrap salads & herbs, pack cheese, bread & slices!
It is only unsuitable for fish or raw meat!

Your beeswax cloth is cleaned under cold to max. lukewarm water. It is best to use a clean sponge and our household soap , which we have specially developed for this purpose. With it you can clean your beeswax wraps very gently & extend their lifespan! It is also great as a solid dish soap for your plastic-free household!

In our blog “Cleaning & caring for beeswax wraps” you will find further recommendations for cleaning & in the FAQs for our beeswax wraps you will find further information & tips for use!


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