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Our products with small blemishes.

    Seifenschale aus Keramik
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Our products with small blemishes.
The colors of the beeswax wraps are chosen at random!

The beeswax wrap is the reusable alternative to aluminum & cling film, plastic & paper packaging and bulky lunch boxes – in the refrigerator or freezer, at home or on the go! It is water-repellent, flexible and adheres to itself and other surfaces due to the warmth of your hands. Cover vessels and plates with the wrap, cling to cut fruit and vegetables, wrap salads and herbs, wrap cheese, breads and slices. It is only unsuitable for fish or raw meat!

Made from organic cotton, regional organic beeswax, pine resin from traditional bad luck & fair trade organic coconut oil. Learn more about our selected raw materials .

Your beeswax wraps are after cleaning with ours natural household soap ready for use again in no time at all!

We developed our cold-boiled natural soap especially for our beeswax wraps.

In addition to olive oil, it contains the proven raw materials for our beeswax wraps, namely beeswax, pine resin and coconut oil. You can use it to clean your beeswax wraps very gently and extend their lifespan. It is also suitable for cleaning and maintaining other surfaces made of stainless steel, wood and ceramics.
With a balanced mixture of different oils and an over-greasing of 10%, it is also particularly kind to the skin.

use : Rub the dampened beeswax wrap lightly with the soap. The soap is very economical, so it does not need large quantities to achieve excellent cleaning. If you want to lather up the soap on the beeswax wrap, you can gently walk over it with a clean sponge. Then rinse the wrap as usual under cold water. To clean other objects, you can simply rub some soap on your sponge and then wash the object with it.

Ingredients : Olea Europaea Fruit Oil *, Cocos Nucifera Oil *, Aqua, Sodium Hydroxide, Cera alba *, Colophonium
* kbA – from controlled organic cultivation

There is more information about use and storage here.

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