Ceramic Soap Dish “Slate”


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Our beautiful, simple soap dish made of unglazed ceramic – without holes or grooves! The slope at the top of our soap dish transports the draining water towards the sink and offers the soap a minimal contact surface so that it can dry quickly and well.

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Perfect supplement - also for saving! ;-)

Porling shower

Natural soap "porling shower"

Handmade natural soap made from organic olive oil, organic coconut oil, organic shea butter, organic thistle oil, organic beeswax, organic castor oil, organic juniper berry oil, organic propolis & birch polypore.

Our Porling shower with its very special and high-quality raw materials and an overfatting of 16% (after a 6-week maturing period) is particularly caring, moisturizing and calming as well as regenerating! The very special oils not only provide extra care for your skin, but also a pleasant, fresh & natural scent!

Handmade Porling shower - 50g ℮

GTIN: 4260616890952
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Our soap dish with drain – true to the motto “Reduction with function”!

You should always place your natural soaps on a good soap dish. A good soap dish is designed in such a way that the soaps can dry well on it without floating in their own water. A contact surface that is as small as possible is essential for a good soap holder, so that your solid soap can also dry quickly and well. In addition, your soap dish should not slip on the sink, in the bathroom or on the washbasin.

The slope at the top of our soap dish with drain transports the draining water towards the sink and offers the soap a minimal contact surface so that it can dry quickly and well. The rather unusual omission of the glaze adds an important function to our drained soap dish: it prevents the soap from slipping. By doing without holes or grooves, our soap dish with drain is not only beautifully simple, but also easy to clean.

The materials stoneware and earthenware are often used in ceramic crafts. Our soap dish with drain is made of stoneware. Stoneware is of higher quality than earthenware and is impermeable to water even without a glaze. This property is very important, because the soap dish should not become soaked with water. In addition, stoneware can be easily sanded, cut and polished after firing.

Our soap dish with drain is not only available in the color “slate”, but also in a lighter color “nature”: ceramic soap dish

Product benefits at a glance:

  • Soap dish with drain in the color “slate”
  • Weight: 130g, dimensions: 7 x 7 x 1.5cm
  • Made of high quality stoneware
  • Handmade from unglazed ceramic
  • Without holes or grooves
  • Small contact surface
  • Natural soaps can dry quickly and well

Scope of delivery: A soap dish with drain made of ceramic in the color “slate” with a weight of 130g and the dimensions 7 x 7 x 1.5cm

But if you would rather have a light and practical soap dish, then we have our soap holder made of waterproof “vinegar wood” for you. Due to the plug-in system and the very light weight of only 5g, our minimalist soap holder is super practical for on the go!

Our natural soaps are very economical, so you don’t need large amounts to achieve excellent cleaning and if they are allowed to dry properly, you can enjoy our natural soaps for a very long time!

Would you like to know more about our special natural soaps & soap holders?


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