Mühle Companion Safety Razor Unisex Coral


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The COMAPNION safety razor is made entirely of metal, is robust and will accompany you for almost a lifetime. The design is timeless and kept so neutral that everyone likes to grab it.

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GTIN: 4028982015191
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Safety razor COMPANION – one for all! Bye bye disposable razors. Finally a safety razor that doesn’t differentiate between beard growth and leg hair! Completely neutral, it glides equally gently over cheeks, armpits or legs. The razor head is gently tuned, which significantly reduces the risk of cuts when shaving the body, and the longer handle makes it easy to depilate legs.
The safety razor can also be hung up on the exchangeable cord. The perfect COMPANION for your plastic-free bathroom – we think it’s good!
The COMPANION safety razor is manufactured by MÜHLE, a family business based in the Ore Mountains. Company founder Johannes Otto Müller built up the business in 1945 with handmade shaving brushes. The small workshop has now become a leading supplier of accessories for wet shaving. The family has remained true to the Ore Mountains and employs 75 people there. We like that too.
Our tip: Many do not really dare to attempt the apparently dangerous plane shave. But now more and more women are using safety razors themselves. Because if you know how to do it, shaving with a plane is neither dangerous nor particularly difficult. First of all, it is important that the part of the body to be shaved is properly soaped. The soaping softens the hair and allows the blade to slide better.

After lathering up, the razor is set at an angle of about 30 degrees and the hair is shaved in the direction of growth without applying pressure. The skin should be pulled taut on the chin or neck, and the same is recommended for delicate areas such as the armpits or bikini line. Basically, even if it sounds a bit paradoxical: the sharper the blade, the lower the risk of cutting yourself. That’s because with a duller blade, you’re tempted to push or pull harder.

Product Details:

  • MÜHLE unisex safety razor made of metal
  • Quality products with a timeless design
  • For every body zone and face
  • Closed comb: low risk of injury
  • Longer and non-slip handle
  • With practical suspension
  • Zero Waste – 100% plastic-free and sustainable
  • Made in Germany


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