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All good things come in threes. That’s probably what the maker of the storage containers from MOYA thought. The case is made of Siberian birch bark, the base and lid are made of Swiss stone pine, and the storage container is sealed with beeswax. So it’s no wonder that muesli, pasta, legumes and other loose, dry foods can be stored and kept fresh in them. And the can is always a visual treat.

    Seifenschale aus Keramik
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MOYA’s storage container is mainly made of Siberian birch bark. The base and lid are made of Swiss stone pine and impregnated with beeswax. Muesli, pasta, legumes and other loose, dry foods can be stored in it and kept fresh!
MOYA’s birch bark storage containers are breathable, lightweight, very durable, moisture-resistant and also contain essential oils that protect them from mold. People have been using these natural properties of birch bark to make storage containers for thousands of years. Since the Stone Age, baskets and boxes in various shapes have been made from birch bark to store grain, vegetables, dairy products or fish. The containers are simply cleaned with lukewarm water.

Siberian birch was processed for this storage container. It is thicker and more robust than our native species. Also, Siberian-born designer and founder of MOYA Birch Bark, Anastasia Koshcheeva, wants to save this ancient craft from extinction and create local jobs to give people new perspectives. We like that.

Product Details:

  • Storage tank from MOYA
  • Birch bark, stone pine and beeswax
  • Dimensions: Ø 9 × H 17 cm
  • Volume: 1L
  • Weight: 108g
  • Breathable, lightweight, very durable and moisture-wicking
  • Contains essential oils that protect food from mold
  • Food can be stored and kept fresh in it
  • simply clean with lukewarm water

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