Cleaning of Beeswax Wraps

How do I best use the household soap?

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Small stains can be removed if you rinse your beeswax wrap with cold water. If your wrap is really dirty, use our natural handmade soap:

Rub the dampened beeswax wrap lightly with the soap. The soap is very economical, so it does not need large quantities to achieve excellent cleaning. If you want to lather up the soap on the beeswax wrap, you can gently wipe it with a clean sponge. Then rinse the wrap as usual under cold water.
To clean other objects, you can simply rub some soap on your sponge and then wash the object with it.

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If you want to use a different detergent, always use cold water. Do not use any dish soap or detergent that contains alcohol, alcohol will dissolve the wax. Please do not wring out or crumple the wrap when washing or drying. Before using your beeswax wrap again, let it either air dry or dry it gently with a tea towel. If needed, use vinegar to disinfect your beeswax wrap.

If necessary, the beeswax cloth can be cleaned with vinegar.

Lather the wet beeswax wrap gently.

Use a clean sponge and softly rub over the stains to create a lather.

Afterwards, rinse your wrap with cold water as usual.

How can I store my household soap?

If you’d like to take your household soap somewhere, you can put it into a box with a lid or simply wrap it with a beeswax wrap. Our “Small” beeswax wrap is ideal for this purpose. When putting your soap away after using it, please make sure that it is completely dry.

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