Hot-water bottle belt set to tie around with a 2l hot-water bottle

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With our hot-water bottle to tie around, you keep the healthy heat optimally on your body and you can move freely with your hot-water bottle! The long strap allows you to wear the hot water bottle or the hot water bottle holder super comfortably and can be individually adjusted and used – whether e.g. B. on the stomach, back or on your shoulder. The soothing warmth alleviates back and period pains or discomfort.

The Sänger hot water bottle (2 litres) is made of natural rubber and is particularly safe, beautiful and sustainable! It does not have a glued neck piece and is provided with fins on one side.

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This hot water bottle to tie around is particularly safe, beautiful and sustainable as well as beneficial! Most are made of synthetic plastics made from petroleum. This one is made of natural rubber! It contains no plasticizers or other harmful additives!

The singer company developed a new manufacturing process: a coherent body without a glued neck piece, so it cannot burst! This makes them one of the safest on the market. The natural material of the hot water bottle to tie around is very flexible and durable. The heat of the filled water is quickly transported to the outer skin – this creates a pleasant, long-lasting feeling of warmth, which usually lasts for hours. Heat not only increases well-being, but can even relieve pain! The heat is especially pleasant for those with stomach aches and abdominal discomfort.

This tie-on hot water bottle has fins on one side, allowing for slow and efficient warming.

Heat is a well-known home remedy for period cramps: it relieves abdominal cramps and relaxes! Although our hot-water bottle to tie around or our hot-water bottle holder keeps the heat close to the body, the organic cotton remains breathable and comfortable to wear – no slipping, no uncomfortable pressure points. It doesn’t matter whether you have period pains or back problems: Thanks to the four long carrying straps for tying our hot water bottle around, you can carry it how and where you want – in front of your stomach, at kidney level or across your shoulders. So you can move freely with your hot water bottle!

Product benefits at a glance:

  • % savings price in a set
  • Hot-water bottle to tie around
  • 2 liters, 37 x 20 cm, 400 g
  • Without glued neck piece
  • One-sided with slats
  • FSC certified plantations
  • Hot water bottle holder 100% organic cotton
  • Dimensions: 195 x 24.5 cm
  • Super comfortable & individually adjustable
  • Ideal for back pain or period pains
  • Handmade in our manufactory & washable at 40°C

Scope of delivery: A hot water bottle to tie around made of 100% organic cotton; 2.0 liters one-sided with fins

Notes: Although it has very high quality standards, you should check it for cracks or deformation before use to avoid burns from hot water leakage.

You can find out more information about the individual items here: hot -water bottle and hot -water bottle belt

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