Dishwashing set – dishwashing brush made of beech wood incl. 2 spare heads & 50g household soap


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Our sink set with the great wooden brush is ideal for small openings and with the natural bristles is particularly gentle on coated pots and pans! AND: As soon as the brush heads are worn out, they can be easily replaced. Our flushing set includes 2 replacement heads! And in addition, our dishwashing set includes our household soap (50g) made from organic olive oil, organic beeswax, pine resin & organic coconut oil. It is made from natural organic raw materials and is perfect as a solid, natural dishwashing liquid for your plastic-free household! Moreover, it still cares for your skin!

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GTIN: 4260616891195
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Our flushing set with a wooden brush incl. 2 spare heads and our household soap (50g natural dishwashing liquid). The flushing set for your plastic-free dishes! The replaceable natural bristles and natural detergent are good for your pans, the environment and for your skin!

This great wooden dishwashing brush in our dishwashing set has a sturdy beech wood handle and natural fiber bristles (purely vegetable fibres). With its natural bristles, the brush head is particularly gentle on coated pots and pans. The brush has an ergonomic handle and was made in Germany in the Black Forest. It has a very high quality finish and is 100% plastic-free!

It is not only sustainable and ecological, but also has an economic benefit! Once the brush heads wear out, they’re easy to swap out! Our dishwashing set includes 2 dishwashing brush replacement heads ! The long, slim handle makes it possible to brush dirty dishes, completely removing food residue, and the small brush head is ideal for small openings. In addition, the round shape of the bust in our dishwashing set is very manoeuvrable, so that you can wash your dishes quickly and easily.

We also offer a very special soap in our dishwashing set! Our handmade, cold-boiled household soap is free of colourings, fragrances and preservatives and consists of natural raw materials from controlled organic cultivation. In addition to organic olive oil, it also contains organic beeswax, pine resin and organic coconut oil. With this you can use your
beeswax cloths
very gently clean or maintain and extend their life! It’s equally perfect as a solid dish soap for your plastic-free household! And with a balanced mixture of different oils and an overgreasing of 10% (after a 6-week maturing period), our dish soap is not only especially caring for wood, ceramic and stainless steel surfaces, but also very gentle and caring for your skin!

This rinsing set is your indispensable helper when rinsing by hand!

Product benefits at a glance:

  • A flushing set – % savings price in a set
  • Incl. Wooden brush & 2 spare heads
  • Natural fiber bristles clean particularly gently
  • Ideal for small openings
  • Brush heads are interchangeable (Ø 40 mm)
  • Made in Germany & 100% plastic-free
  • Sustainable, ecological & economical
  • flushing set incl. our household soap (50g)
  • Cold-boiled & handmade from high-quality organic raw materials
  • Organic Olive Oil, Organic Beeswax, Pine Resin & Organic Coconut Oil
  • Free from colorants, fragrances and preservatives
  • Especially good for gently cleaning beeswax towels
  • Ideal as a natural detergent for your plastic-free household
  • Good for the skin, very economical, cleansing & caring
Scope of delivery: A flushing set with brush made of wood incl. 2 spare heads & household soap (50g)

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