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Soap is not just soap, but one thing is certain: natural soap in one piece is celebrating its comeback.
In this article you will find out why this is the case, what is actually behind a curd soap and why disinfectants cannot keep up with the usual hand washing with natural soaps.

Wissenswertes rund um das pflegende Stück “Natur”

With the Allepo soap everything probably started, which is made on the basis of olive oil and laurel oil and that is still done by hand. Because of its exclusively natural ingredients, it is particularly suitable for sensitive skin. The amount of excess fat, which is given as a percentage, also determines the care properties of a natural soap.

A curd soap for example, has no so-called “excess grease”, which is why it quickly dries out the skin. However, the usual curd soap usually does not contain any colorings or fragrances. In their production, mostly only animal or vegetable fat is saponified, boiled with a lye and “salted out” with table salt and water. Soap flakes are skimmed off, pressed and then dried.

Liquid soaps often contain many additives such as colors, fragrances, preservatives and fillers. These are questionable both for the environment and for us humans. In addition, liquid soap always creates packaging waste, which is why unpackaged and plastic-free natural soaps should be used.

Natural soaps do without chemical additives and only with natural ingredients such as vegetable fats, plant extracts and essential oils. Most of these come from controlled organic cultivation. Solid soaps on a natural basis clean just as effectively as liquid soaps. They are also much more economical, have a lipid replenishing and moisturizing effect and are usually packaged plastic-free.

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TIP: You should always place your natural soap on a good soap dish. A good soap dish or a good Soap holder is designed so that the natural soap can dry quickly and easily on it, without having to use your own water to swim. The smallest possible contact surface is essential!

Natural soap or disinfectant.

Natural soaps are an absolute all-rounder. They also help against viruses, bacteria, and even some parasites, whereas disinfectants won’t fight all viruses. Here a product with a very high percentage of alcohol would be necessary, which, however, strongly attacks our skin. In addition, the virus components of disinfectants remain on the skin. When using natural soaps, however, these components are enclosed in molecular “soap cages” and then rinsed off. However, this takes 20-30 seconds, which is why washing your hands should take so much time. The corona virus is also enclosed in a greasy shell, which is broken open by the soap molecules, which causes the virus to burst and ultimately destroy it.

rna covid

The coronavirus is surrounded by a layer of fat with proteins. The inner part contains the RNA (genetic material).

soap covid

Soap molecules have two ends: one end attaches to water (H2O) molecules and the other end to fat.

covid case

The soap molecules break open the fatty layer of the coronavirus. Without a protective cover, the virus can no longer multiply.

hands covid

When the hands are rinsed under water, the virus residues are then washed away.

So, CORRECTLY washing your hands with soaps is much better protection against the virus than using disinfectants:

1. Wet your hands under running water.
2. Rub both hands thoroughly with a natural soap and distribute it in both hands for about 20-30 seconds
– Don’t forget the back of your hand, spaces and fingertips.
3. Rinse hands thoroughly under running water and dry well.

Of course, disinfectants with alcohol are also very suitable for inactivating the coronaviruses. However, these funds should be reserved for the medical sector.

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TOFF & ZÜRPEL household soap combines the power of nature in one piece. We developed our cold-boiled natural soap especially for our beeswax wraps. In addition to olive oil, it contains the proven raw materials for our beeswax wraps, namely beeswax, pine resin and coconut oil. You can use it to clean your beeswax wraps very gently and extend their lifespan. It is also suitable for cleaning and maintaining other surfaces made of stainless steel, wood and ceramics.

Thanks to the balanced mixture of different oils and an excess of 10% fat, our natural soap is also ideal for washing hands that are gentle on the skin.

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