Honey Mustard Sauce

Recipe for the best honey mustard sauce

Sweetish, a bit spicy and slightly bitter on the finish. The consistency is creamy. This is what the perfect honey mustard sauce tastes like. For our recipe you only need four ingredients that you probably already have at home. The quality of the sauce depends solely on the quality of these four ingredients. In order to prepare the most delicious honey mustard sauce, you need the best of the simple. The production itself is then child’s play.

The mandatory parts of our honey mustard sauce

olive oil

Buying olive oil is a matter of trust. It should be cold pressed and single variety. A very good and aromatic oil is produced from unripe, firm olives. They are taken straight from the tree to the mill and processed immediately. The unripe fruits bring less yield, but the exciting aroma of citrus, grass and spiciness.

This characteristic taste cannot be found in discount stores. An honestly produced, good olive oil costs at least between 20 and 30 euros per liter. It’s only annoying when you pay this price for an inferior mass-produced product. We therefore buy our olive oil from small organic producers who sell their oil directly.


Of course, when the honey-mustard sauce is based on top-quality olive oil, you don’t cover up its fine nuances with intense vinegar. We therefore use either pure lemon juice or a mild white wine vinegar for the sauce. You can also mix both.

If you prefer to use a strong balsamic vinegar, you can use neutral rapeseed oil instead of olive oil.


Liquid honey is definitely more suitable as it mixes much better with the rest of the ingredients. You can’t go wrong with blossom honey from your region, preferably from an organic beekeeper. We prefer to use a dark forest honey, even better a spicy heather honey. However, you have to be careful that the honey is not too strong and kills the fine taste of the olive oil. Again, you can mix both and give the blossom honey a little flavor with the darker types of honey.


Once you’ve eaten artisanal mustard, you’ll never touch a tube of Develey Medium Hot again. And certainly not in a fine honey-mustard sauce. An artisanal mill produces around 400 kg of mustard a day. In comparison, the large industry 20 to 30 tons. You can now play with the taste possibilities of the different types of mustard.

For our honey-mustard sauce, let’s use wild garlic. Or the one with oranges. Or the one with tarragon. Depending on your mood and what you want the sauce to be eaten with. We also buy our mustard directly from the manufacturer, either online or when we have set up our trade fair or market stand next to each other.

The Freestyle

You can further refine your honey mustard sauce with fresh chives or parsley. Finely chopped shallots are also an option. For more sweetness and fruitiness you can add some fresh orange juice. The honey-mustard sauce tastes particularly good with fish if you refine it with dill.

Preparation of our honey mustard sauce

First, vinegar and oil are mixed with a whisk. The correct mixing ratio consists of three parts oil and one part vinegar or lemon juice. This way the sauce is neither too sour nor too oily . For a salad for two you need 3 tablespoons of olive oil and 1 tablespoon of vinegar or lemon juice. Then stir in a tablespoon of honey and mustard of your choice.

The special trick : first mix a pinch of salt with the vinegar. The oil is gradually added to this mixture. Adding salt helps the vinegar and oil combine better.

Our honey mustard sauce goes well with every salad, but not only. It is a must with smoked or pickled salmon. We also like to eat them as a dressing for oven-roasted vegetables or as a dip for baguette. And best of all: You can prepare them in advance and fill them in a screw-top jar. Always shake well before using any of it.

Incidentally, the herbs for the honey-mustard sauce can be kept fresh in our “Medium” beeswax cloth.