Who is writing here anyway? The blog author of TOFF & ZÜRPEL

Hi. My name is Astrid Nestler and I have been writing this blog since early 2020. At that time, Marie & Markus only made beeswax wraps and thought it would be nice to occasionally report on the topics of “wax production”, “honey production” and “beekeeping”. As a journalist and author, I was happy to take on this small task for my daughter Marie.

I felt a close connection with TOFF & ZÜRPEL Manufaktur right from the start.

Not just because Marie is my daughter. But because I was able to experience the beginning of the manufactory up close and enthusiastically helped out when the two of them had no employees but a lot to do. When I’m in Dresden today and see the large areas that the TOFF & ZÜRPEL team now manages, I’m very proud of what Marie & Markus have achieved. At the same time, I wistfully think back to those first few months when we cut, waxed and packed all the beeswax wraps ourselves and had a lot of fun doing it. It is true: there is magic in every beginning…

In the meantime, the manufactory has grown up and I have become a permanent employee . My tasks not only include this blog, I also take care of sales and represent “our” company at numerous trade fairs and markets on weekends. Maybe we’ll see each other in Wiesbaden, Frankfurt or Dornbirn?

In addition to my work as a blog author, I really like the trade fair business

Because too much everyday life and routine tires me. The trade fair business keeps me on my toes, invigorates and challenges me. I love the direct contact with our customers and I fully support our products. They are just the way I like them, give me the good feeling of doing something useful and making my contribution to a better and more beautiful world. In the meantime we have become a real family business, and my son Oliver, Marie’s younger brother, also works regularly alongside his studies. What could be nicer than pulling together!

We want to make the blog more regular and different than before.

We will tell more about ourselves, about what occupies us, is close to our hearts or is burning under our nails. We talk about the manufactory, about our work and our everyday life, about difficulties and about the joy of turning ideas into reality together. Would you like to be there and take part in manufacturing (experiencing) life?

Finally, three things I currently like:

The garden we are about to create

The books of Franz Berzbach

My father’s old desk

Your blog author