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With our DIY repair wax you can easily refresh your used beeswax wraps yourself or make your own!

Made from organic beeswax, pine resin from traditional bad luck & fair trade organic coconut oil.

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GTIN: 4260616890815
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Beeswax wraps DIY are not only super sustainable, but also a lot of fun! To make sure that you have the right raw materials (such as good organic beeswax!) and the required “recipe” for your towels, we have mixed and filled our wax mixture for you. 😉

It is best to make your DIY beeswax wraps not only with beeswax, but also with pine resin and coconut oil. The tree resin is also a real miracle cure of nature! It also ensures durability, flexibility and longevity. The coconut oil stores heat and provides the necessary suppleness – without becoming greasy. Learn more about our selected raw materials .

Even beeswax wraps DIY are only a sustainable alternative if we reuse them for a long time! With good care, they will last one to two years. Through the regular use of a beeswax wrap (and the associated slight abrasion of the wax coating) or through incorrect cleaning, it can happen that it wears out a little or loses its “adhesion”.

After that you don’t have to throw away your used wrap, compost it or use it as a fire starter , you can easily regrow it yourself with our special mixture of organic beeswax, pine resin & organic coconut oil! With our repair wax (40g) you can refresh about 3 of our “Large towels (42 x 36 cm). All you need is an oven, baking tray, water bath, dough cutter or similar. and our beeswax towels DIY wax as well as your used towels to freshen up.

There are now a number of instructions. We’ve made our own without parchment paper, irons or paintbrushes for a really easy, mess-free recipe. Our Beeswax Wraps DIY Wax Blend also makes a great Do It Yourself gift!

You can find detailed instructions in our blog article ” DIY instructions “.

Product benefits at a glance:

  • DIY repair wax (40g)
  • Wax blend of organic beeswax, pine resin & organic coconut oil
  • Refresh used wipes
  • Make beeswax wraps DIY yourself
  • Incl. simple instructions
  • Zero waste & sustainable fun

Scope of delivery: A DIY repair wax (40g); Wax blend of organic beeswax, pine resin & organic coconut oil

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