Organic beeswax wraps

Wrap up – keep it fresh – clean – reuse

Beeswax wraps are the practical, natural and reusable packaging for your food. They replace aluminum & cling film, plastic & paper packaging – in the refrigerator or freezer, at home or on the go.

Charity Edition – Anne Goldammer!

Beeswax wrap

Anne Goldammer beeswax wrap

The 4th edition of our Charity Edition is finally available!
We want to introduce you to great artists with unique motifs on our scarves! In addition, we donate € 2 for each charity beeswax wrap sold to a charitable project that the artists have personally selected.

We donate € 2 per charity beeswax to the “Psychosocial Center Dresden” project selected by Anne Goldammer .

Apply with your motif!

Charity Edition 2022

Beeswax wraps Individualize with your own design

We are looking for new motifs for our Charity Editions 2022! With unique designs on our beeswax wraps, we want to introduce and support our customers with great artists.

In addition, we donate € 2 for each charity beeswax sold to a charitable project. You will receive a one-time allowance from us if we select your motif for our Charity Edition.

Organic beeswax wraps
Zero waste set

The big gift set

zero waste set

Our large Zero Waste Set includes a starter set with 4 organic beeswax wraps in the colors yellow, carrot & purple as well as our solid household soap and our DIY repair wax.

XS (14 × 12 cm), S (21 × 18 cm), M (28 × 24 cm) & L (42 × 36 cm)
Natural household soap: 50g
DIY repair wax: 40g

Soap dish off


Soap dish Mood

The rather unusual omission of the glaze adds an important function to the soap dish: it prevents the soap from slipping.

As there are no holes or grooves, the soap dish is also extremely easy to clean.

Size: 7 x 7 cm.

cover icon

Alternative to
Cling film

Pack food naturally & keep it fresh for a long time! Cover vessels with the beeswax wrap, nestle it against cut fruit & vegetables, wrap salads, wrap cheese, breads & slices.

Let us show you how to properly wrap your food with our beeswax wraps, and then let us show you how to clean them.

nature icon

Selected raw materials
in certified
Organic quality

Made from organic cotton ,
regional Organic beeswax ,
Pine resin from traditional bad luck & fair trade organic coconut oil .

Find out more about the production in our factory in Dresden. For example, through our selected organic certified raw materials for our organic beeswax wraps.

planet earth icon

Beeswax wraps

We advocate responsible treatment of animals as well as our environment.

In addition, sustainability is the top priority in all of our production processes. You can find out how we work and who is behind the label “TOFF & ZÜRPEL” here:

Click & Meet

You can pick up your order in our factory from Monday to Thursday between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m.
Our factory outlet with products from friendly factories can also be visited.

Our little beeswax wraps

The perfect kitchen helpers

Two beeswax wraps with snacks
Gift set beeswax wraps Medium Small

Two organic beeswax wraps
for small bowls,
Cheese & snacks

These 2 sizes are always in our bag and our fridge!

Set Small & Medium

Three beeswax wraps in the colors red, purple and yellow lie on a board and cover nuts, a piece of an apple and a chocolate.

Small beeswax wraps
for cut
Fruit Vegetable

This size is perfect for packing up the leftovers after cooking.

Set of 3 small

Sandwich wrapped in a blue beeswax wrap - medium

The perfect one
Beeswax wraps for
the small snack

We use this beeswax wrap primarily for slices and cheese.


Keep Your Bread Fresh for Days

Organic beeswax wraps as a natural alternative to plastic bags

Our bread wrap keep your bread juicy and fresh for a long time!
If the bread is still fresh or moist, it is sufficient to cover the cut surface or to wrap it loosely.
You can also freeze your bread directly in the beeswax wrap! We offer two different sizes for storing bread:

Bread in a beeswax wrap in green

1 kg Loaf

Use this beeswax wrap for big loaves of bread, greens, or to cover big bowls, baking trays or cake plates.

Beeswax wrap extra large

Bread in a red beeswax wrap

500 g Loaf

Use this beeswax wrap for smaller loaves of bread or lunch, or to cover plates and wrap vegetables.

Beeswax wrap Large

Real people share their experience

The packaging made of grass paper with a bee seal stamp for the beeswax wraps starter set in yellow, green & purple.

Reusable Packaging

Bees love grass paper

Our packaging is made of sustainable grass paper and serves as a storage solution for our beeswax wraps. You can also use it to store recipes, pictures, postcards and so much more.

You can find out more about it here!

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